Welcome to

Brf Hasselholmen 1

Welcome to Hasselholmen 1, we hope you will enjoy the association together with your new neighbors!
The house you live in was built in 1970 and today has 150 apartments divided into four houses.

Report to Delagott AB

To report faults: Weekdays 09.00-17.00 on tel: 08 331210

Emergencies: Weekdays 16.00-07.00 and holidays on tel: 08 331210

Emergency call-outs are costly for the organisation, and should only be used for reporting damage that is of an acute nature and must be attended to immediately, 

You can mail the board: styrelsen@hasselholmen.se

Or you can report online:  www.delagott.se/felanmalan lösenord 1111

Charlott Jerndahl AB

Rents and Contract questions:
Weekdays 08.30-12.00
tel: 08-1220 4545
Email: ekonomi@jerndahl.com

A tenant-owner association is based on community and participation. We have the association and the property together and our joint living becomes what we make it ourselves. Owning a condominium means that we all have a responsibility for our common spaces and their care. It will be as nice and nice as we all do – we are all co-owners on equal terms.

As a tenant-owner, you are responsible for reviewing and paying for the apartment’s internal maintenance. You must also observe the health, order and condition of the apartment and give the association access during necessary inspections.

Read the association’s rules and regulations.

If you have thoughts or suggestions for improvements, please contact the board by e-mail. More information is available on the notice boards in the entrances and on the website.

3 included when moving in, get in touch if this is not the case and we will help you arrange new ones. More info here.

Opens with housewife key or boom key.

garbage dumps are found in every household body for household waste. No cartons or the like may be thrown away here.

Dishes for recycling cardboard, paper, glass, colored glass, electronics, batteries, lighting and larger household rubbish may be thrown away here. Located on the back of house 1 (173-177) and house 3 (185-189). NOTE! No construction waste or the like may be thrown away here. Renovating in 2021.

Group agreements are available via Ownit. Broadband with a speed of up to 1000/1000 and TV with basic offer is available in the apartment and costs SEK 110 / month.

Names and contacts can be found in the stairwells. Email: Styrelsen@hasselholmen.se

Located in each house, opened with a housewife’s key and located next to the entrance.

Available in every house. Here you can book an appointment every day of the week with your badge, it is possible to book at the entrance as well or via the app.
More information on how to book the laundry room.

contact the real estate maintenance company and share with them which name should be on your letter box. To change the nameplate, please contact the board.

Send name, port and telephone numbers to the board and we will post.